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Our products are able to greatly enhance equipment performance by maximizing life span,increasing efficiency as well as improving productivity of a equipment at a lower maintenance cost.
Base material Q235B(GB/T700-2006 China)
Main alloy hard phase Chromium carbide+composite carbide
Primary carbide volume >37%
Overlay hardness >670Hv
Rubber wheel abrasion test with dry sand <0.15g (This data is tested by the equipment of Futong welding,which is not compared with other G65 test equipment)
Impact abrasion test <0.09g(This data is tested by the equipment Futong welding,which is not compared with other test equipment)
Standard plate size 1000×3000 mm(Special specifications can be customized)
Standard thickness 8/9,10/11,12/11,17/11,20/11(The thickness of the overlay is more than 17 mm and the size is 600x3000mm)
Recommended application Suitable for application with both extreme impact and sliding abrasion 


Main Chemistry Composition
Carbon 2.5-5.5%
Chromium 18-28%
Manganese <1.5%
Silicon <1.2%
Boron <0.3%
Sulfur <0.033%
Phosphorus <0.033%
Nb+Mo+Ti+V+W 7-10%


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