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About Us 

About Us

FUTONG Welding provides you with wear solutions

Founded in 2005, Futong Welding focuses on the research and production of high wear abrasion and

impact resistance steel sheets and provides anti-wear solutions that greatly improved the production

efficiency of customers, increased production capacity and reduced maintenance costs.


Futong focuses on technology research and development and regards technological innovation as the

survival concept of the company. At present, we have 2 national invention patents and 2 utility model

patents. At Futong, believe unique products are supported by unique technology, with our advanced

technology, we only need a layer of solder cladding to achieve a 20mm thick cladding layer, which has

positioned us at the forefront of the industry worldwide.  



Through unremitting efforts, Futong has already achieved wide application and received positive customer feedback in the global mining, cement and other industries.

We are proud that our products are now being widely used and acknowledge in well-known companies such as Rio Tinto, Metso, Welding Alloys, TOKUDEN, EBARA,

EWAC and FLSmidth. At present, 70% of our products are exported to countries all over the world.

FUTONG Advantages

■  Excellent abrasion and impact resistant properties


■  Consistent microstructure and hardness down to fusion line

* Low friction co-efficien

■  Special backing plate, S304 and Unique

■  Optional in unique non-magnetic overlay

■  Available in mill and pre-polished surface finish

■  Smooth surface, single pass overlay

* No surface weld beads

■ Provide a surfacing composite plate with an alloy layer that is S310.